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Long Island City

Mike makes stuff. Mostly involving words, notes, thoughts, and images. Also a podcast. Enjoy. 


A blog featuring Mike's Images & words. Occasionally sounds. 

BSL (Body as a Second Language)

Mike Blejer

Recently Business week published an article entitled "BODY-LANGUAGE EXPERT: I Would Not Trust Anything Snowden Said To NBC"

This seems like the right time to say it: as an expert on the writing of Body Language experts, I would not trust anything this Body Language expert said to Business Insider.

His linguistic stance is totally slumped, which results in his prose "embracing" whatever assumptions he made going into his analysis. Also, because his assumptions are totally open to the reader the overall effect is to engage the audience with pseudoscientific analysis while providing no actual news. 

It's tricky, and you wouldn't notice it if you didn't know to look like I've trained to, but it's safe to say: this article is clickbait, and this body language expert is full of shit.