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Long Island City

Mike makes stuff. Mostly involving words, notes, thoughts, and images. Also a podcast. Enjoy. 


Welcome to Mike's Bio page. Here you can find numerous facts about Mike, including but not limited to his grade on the AP Bio Exam (a very respectable 4). In addition to working as a humor consultant (an actual thing!) for Microsoft Research, Harvard, Cal Tech, and the Air Force, Mike has been featured in, on or upon Cosmo, ESPN, New Scientist, The Today College Humor, Vh1, ViceTV, The Boston Comedy Festival (semifinalist), The NYC Podfest, Laughspin, SF Sketchfest (Comedy Hack Day finalist), NYC Improv Fest, The College Cooking Network and he can be heard on Malignant Brain Humor and It's My Pleasure (with Mike Blejer). Mike is also sometimes featured as an actor, and is second billed in Haze, a film that you can watch with your eyes today. It's theatrical trailer was featured on Entertainment Weekly, and besides  winning a number of festival awards, it has been favorably reviewed by the LA TimesVarietyHuffPost, and featured in  USA Today and on CBS Evening News. Check it out at

Additionally, Mike writes and performs music, which you can hear with your ears over here. 

Finally, Mike lists the things that he does. If you enjoyed this list, please consider hiring him to list things for you, whether you're a president making a list of enemies, a gift-delivering demigod, or just a guy trying to save a bunch of Jews/buy groceries, Lists by Mike is here for you.

Mike Blejer Resume.png