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Long Island City

Mike makes stuff. Mostly involving words, notes, thoughts, and images. Also a podcast. Enjoy. 


A Meeting of Mind Meat

Minisode: 5 Minutes in Heaton AKA Andrew Heaton in: All Trumped Up

Mike Blejer

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Welcome to our first 5 Minute podcast. I'm working together with the people at to take calls from anyone and everyone, a few of which will make it into my podcast feed. If you want to talk with me for five minutes about Comedy, the world, the mind or anything else that you think I'd dig, look me up, I'm @mike on sparemin (, and our chat will be posted on there and possibly on here.

Inaugurating this series is previous guest of the podcast comedian and scholar Andrew Heaton. Check out his full length episode here, and check him out online here.

Coming up next: Myq Kaplan.