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Long Island City

Mike makes stuff. Mostly involving words, notes, thoughts, and images. Also a podcast. Enjoy. 

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A blog featuring Mike's Images & words. Occasionally sounds. 

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America Passes Nationwide Ban on High-Profile Gun Think-Pieces

Mike Blejer

A recent headline reads "How Many High-Profile Gun Killings Must There Be Before America Takes Action?" But I'm here to tell you that you will sooner read the headline above: America Passes Nationwide Ban on High-Profile Gun Think-Pieces.

And really, isn't it time? I mean how many of these mass printings do there have to be before we finally pass effective, common sense legislation to end the scourge of violent articles which threaten the rights of law-abiding gun owners. With a range of choices from The Atlantic, to Slate, to Mother Jones these high-caliber magazines assault rifles and handguns alike.

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