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Long Island City

Mike makes stuff. Mostly involving words, notes, thoughts, and images. Also a podcast. Enjoy. 


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Hobo Wifi


Interesting Gawker article about the use of Homeless people as Wifi Hotspots that’s getting a lot of press at SXSW.

I have mixed feelings on this. On the one hand, the idea of using homeless people as hotspots is obviously tasteless, on the other hand the utilitarian fact of the matter is if it does something to alleviate the suffering of people on the streets and/or brings more societal attention to the issue, isn’t that a good thing? A few other questions:

1) Is this that different from giving homeless people newspapers to sell for money or is it just a modern version of that same principle? 2) Is there a real reason that this is unethical or is it just aesthetically displeasing? And is it more aesthetically displeasing than the current state of affairs where we just ignore them. 3) If people flocked to homeless people the way that people flock to starbucks (homeless people included), would it make the general situation better?

Other public good jobs homeless people should be considered for:

Phone charging stations Hand sanitizer dispensers Condom dispensation (what could possibly go wrong?!) port-a-potties

Ok maybe not that last one.